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10 awesome cafes in Lisbon you want to know

The best Cafes in Lisbon

Lisbon is famous for its sunlight, seafood, its people and the famous custard tart “pastel de nata”.

But do you really want to know the best kept secrets of Lisboners?

Meet the best cafes in Lisbon, places full of history and uniqueness that will give you a brand new fresh perspective of the Portuguese Capital

A coffee please !


10. Pastelaria São Roque

“Pastelaria” is a common kind of shop in Portugal that refers to a coffee house that sells bread, fresh pastry, cookies and beverages. Despite not “technically” being a café so to speak, the pastelaria de São Roque with its gorgeous classic interior and friendly staff is worth a mention on this list.

When you step inside your eyes will instinctively be drawn to the beautiful painted tiles and columns that decorate this small place.  It sells delicious bread and cakes and although the choices are fairly basic and limited all products are made from top ingredients and have a genuinely fresh look and taste.

Lisbon insider tip: ask when the next “ fornada”(batch) is ready so you can return by that time and eat a delicious hot bread or pastry.

Address: Rua D. Pedro V, 57

Hours: Sun-Sat  06:00am-12:00pm

Closed: open all weekdays

Price: around 2€ for an expresso and a pastry

Web: http://panifsroque.pt/

art lisbon, são roque cafe

Beautiful art wall


9. A Mexicana

This café has been one of the most popular spots for young artists and political since the 1950`s.

Despite being off the most popular areas in the city, it is easily accessible using the yellow  or green subway lines.

Amongst many distinctive neoclassic tile paintings inside this cafe you will find a beautiful tile panel titled “Sol Mexicano” ( Mexican Sun) created by neoclassic painter Querubim Lapa in 1961. It has been an important meeting point since the 1950`s for surrealist and neorealist artists in Lisbon, and still keeps a very elegant and artistic Aurea.

In the end of 2015 it has gone through a major intervention that brought improvements in comfort and customer service, something that daily customers much appreciated.

Lisbon Insider Tip: choose a table inside so you can observe all the tile art in the walls that make this place unique

Address: Av. Guerra Junqueiro, 30

Hours: Mon-Fri  9:00am-12:00pm

Closed: Saturdays and Sundays

Price: around 4 euros for an espressoo and a cake

Web: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g189158-d1097634-Reviews-Mexicana_Cafe-Lisbon_Lisbon_District_Central_Portugal.html

mexicana lisbon

Lisboners enjoying their espresso at the Mexicana esplanade


8. Cafe império

This cafe was built in 1955 and has kept its decoration almost unchanged to date.

When you enter the building you will find a level floor that has only a small bar and tobacco shop that won`t impress you much, however as you get closer the balcony you`ll be amazed by the big dining saloon bellow.

It has a very interesting tile art on its walls and a classic elegant furniture that really stands out.

Lisbon Insider tip: Order the famous “Bife á café Império” ( Café império steak) to experience a generous steak with a very Portuguese flavor for an affordable price.

Address: Av. Almirante Reis, 205

Hours: Sun-Sat 12:00pm-12:00pm

Closed: Mondays

Price: around 15€ for a steak and a drink.

Web: http://www.cafeimperio.pt/

cafe imperio lisboa

A classic dining saloon that takes us back in time

07. A Ginginha

“Ginginha” is the name of traditional Portuguese cherry-like liquor made from infusing ginja berries, and it is also the name of a small café/bar at the downtown area in Lisbon.

Despite being a simple tavern it has a great bohemian atmosphere and it the first place that started to sell this liquor in Lisbon in 1840.

This is a truly Lisbon institution: unpolished and unsophisticated it has remained the same for more than 160 years, a uniqueness you will  love.

Lisbon Insider tip: avoid drinking your ginginha on an empty stomach- it will be a smoother experience.

Address: largo Sao Domingos,8

Hours: Sun-Sat 09:00am-10pm

Closed: open all weekdays

Price:  1,40€ for a shot of ginginha, no coffe here 🙂

Web:  http://www.yelp.com/biz/a-ginjinha-lisboa



Irresistible: anytime is a good time for a ginginha


06. Café Martinho da Arcada

Being the oldest restaurant in Lisbon( it was founded in 1782) Martinho da Arcada is definitely worth a visit .

This is a place full of history that has been the preferred spot of cultural, economic and political elites for more than 200 years, however  it has progressively been less selective for the last 20 years.

The food here is great with traditional Portuguese meals well-cooked and fairly priced considering its central location.

Since this is not a typical café it’s a better choice to have lunch or dinner.

Insider tip: arrive early and sit inside, taking the time to calmly admire this historic cafe


Address: praça do comércio,3

Hours: lunch 12:00pm-15:00pm/ dinner 19:00pm-22:00pm

Closed: open all weekdays

Price:  around 20€ for a meal

Web:  http://www.martinhodaarcada.pt/

best cafes in lisbon

Fernando Pessoa in the 1920`s: one of his favorite spots in Lisbon


05. Pastelaria Versailles

Versailles is not just the name of the French royalty palace outside Paris, it is also the name of a café founded in 1922 in Lisbon.

This was a dream come true for Mr. Salvador Antunes, a Portuguese baker trained in France that wanted to replicate in Lisbon both French flavors and Art Nouveau design.

This café has a beautiful interior with its walls decorated with mirrors, carved figures and red marble columns that were inspired on those crazy years of the 1920`s.

Everything you order will probably be delicious although a bit pricey, however a visit to this cafe is a must .

Lisbon Insider Tip: the service is reasonable but all the products and pastry are fresh and delicious, so do yourself a favor and order a piece of cake with your expresso.

Address: Av. Da Republica, 15

Hours: Sun-Sat 07:30am-10pm

Closed: open all weekdays

Price:  expresso and a pastry for around 5 euros.

Web:  http://www.facebook.com/Pastelaria-Versailles-125661190814840/

best cafes in lisbon

Art deco and great food: welcome to Versalles


04. Pasteis de Belem

A café that since its opening in the 19 century has kept its interior almost intact?

A delicious custry tart made from a recipe that is a closed kept secret since 1837?

If both those questions intrigue you then Pasteis de Belem is a mandatory visit during your stay in Lisbon. It is a popular spot mainly among tourists since its location is a bit off from the main residence areas of the Capital, however it has always kept its truly traditional Portuguese roots.

Make sure you visit the interior rooms as it has lots of painted tiles on the walls very well preserved which gives this place a historical ambience.

Lisbon Insider tip: don`t be put off by the lines formed at the front door – the service is very fast and efficient so you won`t usually wait more than 10 minutes for your delicious pastel de Belem.

Address: Rua de Belém,84

Hours: Sun-Sat 08:00am-12:00am

Closed: open all weekdays

Price:  around 2,5€ for a pastel de Belem and expresso

Web:  http://pasteisdebelem.pt/en/

pastel belem, best cafes in lisbon

Welcome to the temple of pastry where the pastel de nata is your preacher


03. Café Lisboa

Located inside a beautiful theater built in 1793, Teatro de S,Carlos, the café Lisboa is the most recent project of Michelin star cooker José Avillez.

Here you can have a top class lunch or dinner or  enjoy a strong expresso and eat a delicious pastel de nata.

This is one of the most interesting cafes to visit in Lisbon as it combines a stunning 18 century decoration with world class chef cuisine.

Insider Tip: don`t be put off by the prices ,if you don’t  want to have a full meal just order a snack, an expresso or a pastel de nata.

Address: Largo de S. Carlos,23

Hours: Everyday 12:00pm-01:00am

Closed: open all weekdays

Price: around 5 euros for a cafe and pastel de nata

Web: http://www.cafelisboa.pt/en/cafe-lisboa.html

best cafes in lisbon

A timeless place with a timeless cuisine


02. A Brasileria

It is probably one of the most photographed locations in Lisbon not only for its very central location in Chiado but due to the bronze statue of poet Fernando Pessoa on its entrance.

Its name originated from the word Brasil because in the 19 century this was the place of a business  that imported and sold coffee beans from Brazil.

By 1922 it became a café and soon the most important meeting point of Lisbon society in the 20th century.

Its interior sculpted red woods, big mirrors and gold motifs are well worth a visit despite being the place being constantly overcrowded as it’s a major tourist attraction in Lisbon.

A curious mention to the Fernando Pessoa statue outside: it was an homage from the city council made in 1988, however Café Martinho da Arcada (number 6 on this list) was actually the poet favorite café.

Lisbon Insider tip: Avoid weekends as it is a lot harder to find a table inside


Address:  Rua Garret,120

Hours: Everyday 08:00am-02:00am

Closed: open all weekdays

Price: around 4 euros for a cafe and pastel de nata inside ( expect to pay 20% more if you choose a table outside)

Web: http://www.yelp.com/biz/a-brasileira-lisboa


lisbon best cafes

Step inside and feel the poetry


01. Confetaria nacional

Like some of the most popular cafes in Lisbon, confetaria nacional was founded in the 19 century, specifically in 1834.

It is a remarkable place not only for the history associated with this brand but also for some of the very best pastry you will find in Lisbon and Portugal .

The pristine detailed wood work and mirrored ceilings along with every corner of this cafee is  pure history and makes us travel in time.

Another unique thing about this café is its original coffee brand that has a very unique flavor that will please every expresso lover.

Lisbon Insider tip: The pastel de nata here is the favorite among locals ( yes even more than pastel de belem), so don`t even dream about leaving the place without eating one.


Address: Praça da fIgueira,18

Hours: Everyday 08:00am-20:00pm

Closed: open all weekdays

Price: around 4 euros for a cafe and pastel de nata

Web: http://www.confeitarianacional.com/uk/

best cafes in lisbon

do yourself a favor and go inside

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