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Best Lisbon views: top 5

Best Lisbon views: the top 5 viewpoints in the city

Going for best Lisbon views ,one of the essential  tours while visiting Lisbon is going to one of the many viewpoints in the city.

Not only you will be able to take stunning pictures and fantastic views but you also have a better feeling of how the capital is laid along the Tagus River.

Some of these places are fairly easy to get using public transports namely tram or bus.

The underground “Metro” is also a good idea for two of these since they are located just a short 10m walk from the station.

So let`s check five of the best Lisbon views considering what they offer and how easy is to get there.


1-Miradouro de Santa Catarina


Moving a bit to the west for the Chiado area we have this wonderful viewpoint with a spectacular frontal view of the Tagus River.

It is also called the “Adamastor” by Lisboners because of the statue with the same name located there. Adamastor depicts a mythological sea figure that destroyed many Portuguese ships in the 15/16th-century discoveries era.

best lisbon view

This is not just one of the best Lisbon views but also a favorite spot for young artists and performers as  it is close to the Bairro alto nightlife quarter and off the beaten path  of tourism circuits.

The atmosphere is pretty easy going and from here you will see the Tagus river, the 25th April bridge, the Cristo rei statue,the docks and harbor area.

How to get there?

Your best bet is to use the subway and follow the “Praça Luis de Camões” exit  at the Chiado station. When you see the Luis de Camões Statue take the street on your right that has the tram rails ( Calçada do Combro), just 300 meters ahead you turn left to Rua Marechal Saldanha and from there is a straight 200 meters line until the viewpoint.

Insider tip: avoid going there Friday and Saturday night as it is overcrowded with lots of teens drinking  and singing loud.


2-Miradouro da Rocha do Conde de Óbidos


This is the most western urban viewpoint you have in Lisbon and it’s the ideal place for sun lovers because is as close to the river as you can get from a viewpoint.

From here you have frontal unobstructed views of the Tagus River , Lisbon Harbor, 25th April and Cristo rei statue. It is located next to the National art Museum and has a very relaxed small garden with shades ideal for you to rest and enjoy the views.

 best lisbon view


How to get there?

Your best option is to take the number  15 tram from Praça da Figueira ( Rossio) and leave at the Museu de Arte Antiga station ( 10-minute ride), other options include going to cais sodré and take the number 18 tram.

Insider tip: Since this view point is a little off from the city center, go there the same day you visit the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga since one is next to the other.


3-Miradouro da Graça

This viewpoint is located exactly the opposite side of Chiado/Bairro Alto district.  You will be able to see the Bairro alto/Chiado, and the downtown area from an eastern perspective, as well as the 25th April bridge and the “Cristo Rei” statue that overlooks Lisbon from the south bank.

best lisbon view miradouro graça lisbon

Near the Miradouro da Graça is a nice small café , some benches, and tables, this way you can have a cold drink or a strong espresso while enjoying the view.


How to get there?

The most popular option is to get into the number 28 Tram that departs from downtown ( praça da figueira), and go until Graça (end of tram line). However , the tram is overcrowded most of times since its one of Lisbon`s top attractions and it only leaves every 10 minutes.

A good alternative is to use the 712 BUS that leaves from Marques de Pombal  and exit near graça. From the bus stop  you are just a 5-minute walk away from this viewpoint.

Insider tip: Avoid going very late at night to the Miradouro da Graça since public transport in the area is scarce and you may end up having to walk back to your Hotel.


4-Miradouro Nossa Senhora do Monte

About 500 meters from Miradouro da Graça is the Miradouro Nossa Senhora do monte ( our lady of the hill viewpoint).

This is the highest natural viewpoint  so one of best Lisbon view and has a very cozy local atmosphere , as if you were in the middle of a small village.

The view is pretty much the same as the one you get from the Miradouro da Graça: The river, downtown, 25th April bridge and the Cristo rei Statue, as well as the castle on your left.

best lisbon view miradouro senhora monte lisbon


How to get there?

Just use the options available for Miradouro da graça: either the 28 tram, the 712 Bus from Marques de Pombal, or a taxi.


Insider Tip: get there early in the morning :sunlight will reward you with wonderful pictures  and you will also avoid crowds because this viewpoint is very small compared to the others.


5-Miradouro São Pedro de Alcântara

This is probably the most popular viewpoint in Lisbon mostly because it’s fairly easy to find, its located near the heart of the famous Chiado/ Bairro alto quarters and is just a 10m walk from the Chiado metro station.

It is located almost facing the Miradouro da graça described earlier so you have a perspective of the eastern side of the center.

best lisbon view

From here you can have a broad panoramic view of the Eastern side of the city namely the São Jorge Castle, the downtown area, the river and the south-bank , as well as the Graça viewpoint on the left to the castle.

How to get there?

Your best option is to take the subway and exit at Chiado station. From there you  walk towards the Praça Camões square( where a statue of the poet Luis de Camões can be seen), then you turn to the right and begin a 10m walk toward the “Miradouro São Pedro de Alcântara”.

Insider Tip: get there early in the morning or late afternoon as the light will give a warm tone to your pictures


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