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Pope Francis in Fatima

Pope Francis visit to Fatima in May 2017 was a very special moment

Fatima is one of the holiest places for Catholics so naturally a top day trip from Lisbon.

The story behind Fátima began on May 13 1917 when three little Shepherds called Jacinta, Francisco and Lúcia had a vision of the Virgin Mary that appeared to them near a tree while they were out in the fields. From that day on the lives of these children and Fatima would never be the same since thousands of people started to go to Fatima every year to pray and visit the apparitions site.

In 2017 the celebrations of the 100th Year of the apparitions took place and the 13th of May was special for two reasons.

First, the visit of Pope Francis that insisted to be present and lead the ceremonies, praying on site with an estimated crowd of one million people.

Secondly the canonization of Jacinta and Francisco ( the two shepherds that died at a Young age of 10 and 11 years old) that became saints.

Catholics from all around the World waiting for Pope Francis


Pope Francis arrived at Fatima around 19:00 and was saluted by an immense crowd that joined him on a prayer at the Chappel of apparitions. This chapel was built on the exact spot where the apparitions took place under a tree that no longer is there.


The holy father praying at Fatima


During the night of May 12th a very important and iconic celebration took place in a tradition that spans for almost 100 years. It is the candlelight procession, a unique moment of joy and homage to our lady where thousands hold a candlelight while singing and praying.

Candlelight procession is a special moment in Fatima: I was holding my candle tight!


On the following day, May 13th, the pope lead the Mass at 10 in the morning where the canonization of Jacinta and Francisco took place. It was a historical moment since they were two of the youngest children to be declared saints by the Catholic church.


Pope Francis during the canonization ceremony


All in all those were two intense days of Joy, blessing and spiritual commitment. Every Year the 13 of May in Fatima is special since thousands of pilgrims came from all over the world to celebrate the first day of the apparitions. This year was unique since two of the children were canonized and the ceremony was carried by the Holy Father Pope Francis.


God Bless You all and I leave You with a small clip from the arrival of Pope Francis in Fatima.



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